Farhana Yamin

31 March 2021

By Helen

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Farhana Yamin, the international environmental lawyer credited with getting the term “Net-zero by 2050” into the Paris Climate Agreement.

I first encountered Farhana in the summer of 2020 when I took part in a webinar on climate change in which she’d been invited as a key speaker. A comment Farhana made in that webinar inspired me to write a blog post titled The 6Fs of Eco-Living.

Farhana is an expert on climate change and development policy and has advised leaders and ministers on climate negotiations for 30 years. She has done so much for environmental issues that, in 2020, she was was named by the BBC Woman’s Hour Power List as one of the most inspiring women in the UK in the area of the environment and the sustainability of our planet, with the judges describing her as a “powerhouse of climate justice”.

When I spoke to Farhana, she told me about her academic and professional journeys in the area of climate justice, what drove her to take direct climate action by glueing herself to the Shell building, and what she thinks the impacts of 2020 will have on our lives in the future.

We also talked about why community is crucial to solving the social and ecological problems we are facing. In my last blog post, I wrote about the Highland Good Food Movement, which is aiming to transform the way food is produced and consumed in the Scottish Highlands and beyond. My involvement in this initiative was partly inspired by Farhana’s work with her local community, the London Borough of Camden. Farhana co-founded Camden Think and Do, a space which gives local people “the chance to come together to develop ideas and projects tackling the climate and ecological crisis.”

Inspirational and powerhouse are certainly two words I’d use to describe Farhana and I was delighted to have had the opportunity to speak to her. You can listen to my interview with Farhana below. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!

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