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We are an eco-friendly B&B operating on the following principles:

  • offering food which is organic, fair trade and cruelty-free
  • striving to produce our energy from renewable sources
  • encouraging connection with nature and with the self.

This blog shows some of the things we do to live in harmony with nature.

The Norse Mill

15 July 2022 This photo depicts the mill, the adjacent stream and the freshwater loch (top right) One of the sights well worth a visit on the island of Great Bernera is a Norse Mill, which has been suitably restored to give an idea

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15 June 2022 One of the hillwalks that’s been on our bucket list since moving to the Outer Hebrides is the ‘Postman’s Walk’ on Harris. This map shows the location of the walk in relation to our home, and the second map shows the

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Birds of the Hebrides

15 May 2022 The majestic white-tailed eagle is often seen soaring above our house The Outer Hebrides is an amazingly diverse and interesting place for birdwatching, and species rarely seen in other locations can often be spotted here. Our islands are on the migratory

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Raised beds

30 April 2022 We’ve been in our home for three years now and our attempts at establishing a productive garden in the Outer Hebrides have been met with a number of challenges which we’re pleased to say we’re learning from. In 2020 we reported

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Podcast Season 2

17 February 2022 By Helen Just over a year ago, I announced that I had launched a new podcast with a colleague and good friend of mine. The name of the podcast is AudaciousNess and our purpose is to showcase individuals who have set

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Winter reading

31 January 2022 By Helen Winter is an ideal time of year for catching up on reading materials. The days are short and, especially over the past few weeks, they’ve been rather wet and windy in the Outer Hebrides, which has made staying at

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