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A journey to living a greener life

We are an eco-friendly B&B operating on the following principles:

  • offering food which is organic, fair trade and cruelty-free
  • striving to produce our energy from renewable sources
  • encouraging connection with nature and with the self.

This blog shows some of the things we do, or have done, to live a more eco-friendly life.


15 August 2020 Image credit:, CC BY-SA 2.0 Imagine these scenarios: Someone who doesn’t agree with war invests in the arms industry. Someone who understands the dangers of smoking invests in tobacco. Someone who is an ethical vegan invests in industrial meat manufacture . Someone who

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6Fs of Eco-living

31 July 2020 by Helen What are you doing to lead an eco-friendly life? How do you measure the impact of the steps you’re taking to reduce carbon emissions? Are you somewhat overwhelmed by the immensity of the climate crisis? We’re bombarded nowadays with

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A quiche for all seasons

15 July 2020 by HelenWho says you need eggs and bacon in order to make a delicious quiche? This is my “go to” quiche recipe whenever I have seasonal vegetables that need to be used up. It’s delicious, packed with protein and vitamins and

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Vegan friendly

Living a vegan lifestyle

30 June 2020 by Helen I wasn’t always vegan. In fact I ate meat for over 40 years. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-forties that I woke up to the fact that industrial meat production is an immensely barbaric practice and that

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Upcycling furniture

15 June 2020 by Helen What is upcycling? Ideal Home defines upcycling as “breathing new life into old items – be it furniture, home accessories or even clothing.” This post reports on a few upcycling projects that we’ve undertaken so far in our B&B.

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The Future We Choose

31 May 2020 The year is 2050. The world is on fire. The air is deadly. Countries are under water. Or: The year is 2050. The world is breathing. The air is fresh. Nature is thriving. The time to choose between these two futures

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