We are an eco-friendly B&B operating on the following principles:

  • offering food which is organic, fair trade and cruelty-free
  • striving to produce our energy from renewable sources
  • encouraging connection with nature and with the self.

This blog shows some of the things we do, or have done, to live a more eco-friendly life.

Rudha Glas Blog

A journey to living a greener life


Waste not, want not

31 August 2020 Image credit: US Department of Agriculture, CC BY We have been fans of the broadcaster and natural historian Sir David Attenborough for a long time and we love watching his nature documentaries. Sir David has, however, received criticism for giving too much focus in his films to the beauty and wonder of

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15 August 2020 Image credit: 401kcalculator.org, CC BY-SA 2.0 Imagine these scenarios: Someone who doesn’t agree with war invests in the arms industry. Someone who understands the dangers of smoking invests in tobacco. Someone who is an ethical vegan invests in industrial meat manufacture . Someone who strongly advocates for renewable energies invests in fossil fuels. Someone who

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6Fs of Eco-living

31 July 2020 by Helen What are you doing to lead an eco-friendly life? How do you measure the impact of the steps you’re taking to reduce carbon emissions? Are you somewhat overwhelmed by the immensity of the climate crisis? We’re bombarded nowadays with actions individuals can take to do our bit for the planet

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