We are an eco-friendly B&B operating on the following principles:

  • offering food which is organic, fair trade and cruelty-free
  • striving to produce our energy from renewable sources
  • encouraging connection with nature and with the self.

This blog shows some of the things we do, or have done, to live a more eco-friendly life.

Rudha Glas Blog

A journey to living a greener life


Winter solstice

28 December 2021 Image credit: Callanish Solstice watercolour painting by Joe Trodden Last Tuesday was the shortest day of 2021. At around 4pm GMT on 21 December, the ‘sun stood still’ and the solstice occurred. At our latitude, the sun set at 3.37 on Tuesday afternoon and rose the next morning at 9.14, signalling the

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Christmas Stollen

15 December 2021 One of our favourite treats at this time of year is Stollen, the German equivalent of the Christmas cake. While we were living in Germany, we generally bought a Stollen at the local store, but since moving to the Outer Hebrides, we’ve decided instead to bake our own Stollen at Christmastime. Enjoying

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An Ode to New Year’s Fireworks

31 December 2020 On this final day of the extraordinary year that was 2020, we’d like to share a poem that Helen penned about New Year’s fireworks. Wishing you a Happy New Year and a green and sustainable 2021! Helen & Rudi x

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Christmas decorations

15 December 2020 (Image credit: Dirk Vorderstraße CC BY 2.0) A very popular custom in Germany is the lighting of candles in an Advent wreath on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. The concept of the Advent wreath originated among Lutherans in the 16th century, but it didn’t catch on in its current form

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