We are an eco-friendly B&B operating on the following principles:

  • offering food which is organic, fair trade and cruelty-free
  • striving to produce our energy from renewable sources
  • encouraging connection with nature and with the self.

This blog shows some of the things we do, or have done, to live a more eco-friendly life.

Rudha Glas Blog

A journey to living a greener life

Tourist sites


15 June 2022 One of the hillwalks that’s been on our bucket list since moving to the Outer Hebrides is the ‘Postman’s Walk’ on Harris. This map shows the location of the walk in relation to our home, and the second map shows the topography of the path in more detail. Rhenigidale is a little

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St Kilda

15 October 2021 Boreray is one of four islands making up the St Kilda archipelago By Helen I had the great pleasure last week of ticking a longstanding wish off my bucket list, made possible by the suggestion of my good friend Jen Taylor (of Homeschooling in a Campervan fame) and some superb autumn weather.

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Gearrannan Blackhouse Village

30 September 2021 Gearrannan Blackhouse Village sits on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean Earlier this year we published a post about the Callanish Standing Stones, which are only a short drive away from our B&B. Another popular tourist site, located just 10 minutes further north from the Stones

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Bosta Beach

15 August 2021 Image credit: Bernera Museum One of the most popular places to visit in Great Bernera is Bosta Beach, a sheltered, sandy cove on the north side of the island, with crystal clear waters and offshore rock stacks. The beach is sheltered enough to try your hand at Stand-Up paddling People flock to

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30 June 2021 The Standing Stones at Callanish (Calanais) We are very fortunate to live so close to Scotland’s answer to Stonehenge, the magnificent Standing Stones at Callanish. The map below shows just how close we are as the crow flies, although to reach the Stones by car requires a 20-minute journey.  If it weren’t

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